4 Tips for Cutting Your Guest List

Cutting their guest lists has become a reality that many 2020 and 2021 couples have had to deal with as they plan their weddings. With regulations limiting the number of guests who can attend weddings, engaged couples are put in a position where they need to re-evaluate who will and will not be on their guest list. Cutting the guest list is one of the most difficult decisions for couples to make. Here are a few guidelines to help you navigate scaling back your guest list:

Start the Conversation Early
Conversations surrounding your wedding guest lists can be difficult. Having these conversations early on will help you as you plan. Discuss with your partner, and close family & friends. Let them know about the guidelines and restrictions surrounding events and how that will influence what your wedding day will look like. Starting the conversation early will allow you time to explore your options early. Begin conversations with out-of-town and out-of-state guests to see if they feel comfortable traveling; speak with older members of your family and those that might be more at risk to see if attending the wedding is something they feel safe with.

Communicate Clearly with Your Guests
Whether you need to send a ‘Change of Plans’ after sending an invitation or need to include a clause on your original save-the-dates, be clear with your guests and communicate with them as early as possible. Your loved ones will understand if they don’t make the final cut.

Share The Love
Just because loved ones couldn’t make it, it doesn’t mean they can’t share in the joy and celebration with you! You could mail out a wedding announcement to everyone who didn’t make it to the intimate ceremony and invite them to celebrate with you at a later date.

Remain Positive
With the reality of your wedding changing, it’s best to focus on the positives. With an intimate wedding, you have much more opportunity to personalize aspects of your wedding— the decor, the stationary, your food & drink; there are unlimited options! Focus on what you can do with an intimate wedding that you could not do with a larger wedding. You will have more time with guests; you will be able to share and celebrate meaningful moments that often get lost in the shuffle of a large wedding.



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