6 Wedding Day Truths Every Bride Should Hear Before Her Wedding

Being engaged is such a special time for couples. It’s full of excitement, support from loved ones, and so much love for each other as you plan the next steps in your relationship together. Couple’s can also feel stressed out during this time as they navigate wedding planning together. Here are a few truths every bride should hear before their wedding day….

1. You Can’t Please Everyone
This is your wedding and your day. If you try to please everyone, then you will end up not enjoying yourself on your wedding day. While you can try to accommodate your guests (vegan/vegetarian food options, non-alcoholic drink options, accessible parking & venue, etc.), it is not your job to try and please everyone. Shortly after getting engaged, brides are bombarded with opinions from others on their wedding plans. Many brides feel pressure from others to change their wedding plans. I’ve heard stories of brides feeling guilted into including a bridesmaid in their wedding party, inviting guests that haven’t seen in years because their relative wanted them to, being told to do something for their wedding because they “have to”. I’m here to tell you that you don’t “have to” do anything. This is your day; you should enjoy it. When you receive unsolicited wedding advice, simply say, “Thank you for your advice, I will take it into consideration, but ultimately we will make the decision that is best for us on our day”.

2. Your Dress Will Get Dirty
Clothes were meant to be worn and lived in, your wedding dress included!! Your dress will probably collect a little bit of dirt on the bottom of it, and if it’s a larger dress, it might even pick up a few hitchhiking bugs in the fabric. This is okay!! It happens to every bride 🙂 Your guest won’t notice, it won’t show up or be noticeable in photos, and you can clean & preserve your dress after your wedding day, so it looks as good as new!! Bonus Advice: Veils look BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING for photos but can be annoying the rest of your wedding day. When guests go in for a hug they tend to unintentionally pull on your veil. This is why I advise my brides to wear their veil for the first look, ceremony, and bridal & groom portrait only.

3. Mishaps Will Happen
Every wedding day will have a minor mishap happen at some point in the day. Even Queen Elizabeth experienced a wedding day mishap when her tiara broke before her ceremony! Invest in strong Vendors who will take care of these problems for you, so you don’t have to worry. I would strongly encourage all couples to invest in a wedding planner or at least a day of coordinator to make sure things run smoothly! Embrace any unexpected mishaps that do arise, laugh at them now; years down the road, they will make great stories.

4. You Only Have So Many Hours In The Day
Every bride has to deal with this reality. While wedding FOMO may feel real, you only have so many hours to spend on your wedding day. Do you really want to try and squeeze everything into them? Or do you want to make time for what you will actually enjoy? A great visulazation of this is your wedding reception. There are so many wedding traditions that take place during the reception, cake cutting, first dance, parent dances, the anniversary dance, the bouquet & garter toss, the dollar dance, greeting each table, sunset photos etc. If your dinner ends at 6, and your receptions lasts until 10, then you will only have 4 hours left of your reception. Do you want to try and squeeze everything in? Or do you want to hand-pick which items you want to do and leave some time for you to let loose and enjoy yourself? Probably the latter. Keep this in mind when planning your day. Make time for what matters, while leaving yourself enough time to enjoy yourself.

5. It’s Okay to Be Stressed at Times
Planning a major event would be a bit stressful for anyone, especially you’re wedding day. Almost every bride feels stressed at some point on her wedding day. If you follow these few things it will help eliminate the MAJORITY of stress on your day:

1. Be proactive and take care of everything you can before the wedding! You can view my bridal checklist here. If you leave things to the last minute you are just setting yourself up to be stressed. Take care of what you can while your mind is clear, come your wedding day you will be experiencing a number of emotions, the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is the seating chart, or confirming the line-up with your DJ.

2. Invest in vendors your trust!! Your vendor will be the biggest advocates for you & your partner on your wedding day. Do you really want to book a photographer you feel you need to provide a lengthy shot-list to just to make sure they take the portraits you want? Or do you want to invest in an experienced photographer who will capture those shots & more for you without you even having to give it any thought? This goes for all of your vendors, DJs, Hair & Makeup Artists, Caterers, etc.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner/Day of Coordinator!! Your wedding is an event, and every event has someone in charge. This is the person everyone will go to with their questions. If you don’t have a wedding planner/day-of coordinator, that person becomes you by default. A wedding planner is an investment in your overall wedding day experience. They will take of everything for you during your wedding so that you can be present, and enjoy your day with loved ones instead of worrying about all of the details.

6. Your Marriage is More Important Than Your Wedding
At the end of the day, your wedding is really about your marriage. It’s easy to forget about this amidst all the planning but focus on you, your partner, and what makes you both happy and you’ll be fine!!

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