Emily & Devin | Hilton, New York Intimate Backyard Wedding

Emily and Devin celebrated their wedding with close friends and family during their intimate backyard wedding. They originally planned on having their wedding in January, but with everything going on in the world they decided to move up their wedding date. Though different than what they originally had in mind, their wedding day was beautiful!

Length of Dating: 5 1/2 Years
Length of your Engagement: 1 Year

The Proposal Story:
Devin booked a cottage on Seneca Lake for us. Our families were going to meet us the next day for a wine tour. That night on our way to go get dinner Devin wanted to stop and “go take pictures on the lake”. I thought this was strange because he never likes to take pictures. We stopped at the lake, and Devin was acting weird, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I wanted to leave the lake because there was a man sitting in his car watching us and I felt uncomfortable. We got in the car and headed to dinner. 10 minutes into the drive, Devin wanted to turn around and check on our dogs, but he passed our cottage and went right back to the lake. Of course, at this point, I have no idea what’s going on, and I’m just HANGRY, so I’m trying to convince him the dogs are fine, and we should go to dinner. After dinner, Devin says he wants to “go back to the lake and look at the lights.” I was confused because there were no lights on the lake, but I said, sure, let’s go! At this point, I still had no idea what was happening. We got to the lake, and Devin “set up a timer on our camera,” which was really a video, and then he proposed to me! I was so caught off guard that I accidentally swore and put the ring on the wrong hand! It was totally a surprise! Our families were waiting by the phone to hear the news!

Favorite Wedding Day Moments:
Emily: My favorite was walking down the aisle and seeing Devin cry! It was so special to see him emotional! I also loved the party; I didn’t stop dancing till the very last second!
Devin: The ceremony was my favorite moment from our wedding day. It was an emotional moment seeing Emily for the first time, and also the party was a good time!

Words of wisdom for other engaged couples:
Let this be the best year of your life. If you’re having a bad day, wait until you’re in the mood to put your energy towards the wedding! It will change your perspective on things so much! Also, this only happens once, so make the most of it! (Best advice our friends told us!)

Photographer: LaFountain Photography
Florist: Rockcastle Florist
Bridal Boutique: Two Hearts Bridal
Bridal Gown Designer: Stella York
Makeup Artist: Taylor Goebel
Groom’s Tux: Incognito
Caterer: The Hideaway

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