How to Create an Intimate Wedding with a BIG Impact

Just because the wedding you’re planning is intimate, doesn’t mean it has to be any less of a celebration for you or your guests. There are a few ways you can strategically plan your intimate event so that when it’s over, you’ve felt as though it was the celebration you always wanted!

Dress it Up
Whether your intimate wedding will be set in a backyard or a fine restaurant it is a reason to celebrate! Your wedding dress code doesn’t need to be casual just because your guest list might include 10 people instead of 250. Encourage your guests to dress up and do the same! If you’re torn between wearing your wedding gown or wearing something simpler because you’ve scaled back your wedding, I say go for it and wear your wedding dress! This applies to the grooms as well, dress up and wear your suit!!

Luxury Experience
If you’re scaling back your guest list, you’ll also be spreading your budget over fewer guests. This means you can splurge a little more on the guest that will be celebrating with you. Add new Hors d’oeuvres to your cocktail hour, upgrade your bar package, splurge on decor, anything that will make this experience more memorable for you!

Communicate with Your Guests
Communication with your guests is always important, but even more important for an intimate wedding. With traditional weddings, guests have a general idea of what to expect. Intimate weddings during the pandemic are new for everyone involved! Communicate clearly with guests, let them know what they can expect.

Celebrate Your Way!
Just because your wedding might look a little different than what you originally planned, doesn’t mean you have to skip on the traditions you were looking forward to. Go ahead and have that sparkler send-off, toss your bouquet, cut the cake, do it all! This is your wedding and you are celebrating something incredible, your marriage!

Have more ideas on how your intimate wedding can still be a BIG celebration? Drop them in the comments below! Be sure to pin the images below to save this post and come back to it later!

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