How to Incorporate Heirlooms in Your Wedding Day:

One of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding day for my couples is seeing how much my couples poured themselves into planning their day. A large part of this is the inclusion of heirlooms. When heirlooms are included on your wedding day, they can tie the past with the present to continue a legacy that began years ago. This adds so much to your story; I love capturing this part of your wedding day!

These are a few of my favorite ways that I have seen brides & grooms incorporate heirlooms into their wedding day:

I LOVE it when a bride chooses to wear jewelry with an emotional connection. Whether a ring passed down to you from your great-grandmother, a pair of earrings gifted to you from your great aunt, or a bracelet loaned to you by your mother for your wedding day. When these items have a story, and you chose to include them in your wedding day, your story is enriched and becomes that much more meaningful.

Your Bouquet
There are so many ways to attach heirlooms to your wedding day. You can include a brooch with a photo, a piece of lace or fabric from a loved one, or a ribbon from a relative.

I once have a bride reach out to me after I delivered her wedding gallery to thank me for capturing photos of a locket she had on her bouquet, “I received our wedding photos. Thank you for capturing some great moments. We enjoyed reliving the day and looking at what we thought we had missed. I especially loved my something borrowed. My mother gave me that locket with pictures of my grandparents the day before. My grandfather is no longer with us, so It was a very special way to honor him and have him with me all day. I had forgotten to mention it to you. So I was pretty blown away to see the photo of my bouquet with the locket opened up. You are amazing for capturing that for me, and I can’t thank you enough for thinking to do so!”

You can also use the same flowers in your bouquet that your mother or grandmother used on their wedding day!

Use Lace from Your Mother or Grandmother’s Gown
You can have your seamstress take a small portion of lace from your mom or grandma’s wedding gown, and you can either have it included in your wedding gown, wrapped around your bouquet, used to make a fabric flower in your bouquet; there are so many options!

Did a loved one have a signature perfume or cologne that they always wore? You can honor them by wearing the same fragrance on your wedding day! I would only do this if it’s a scent you genuinely like!

Pocket Square
This one is for all the grooms. Consider using a piece of fabric with emotional value as your pocket square. Your seamstress should be able to take a small part of the material and turn it into a pocket square to go along with your suit or tux.

Continue Traditions
Did your parents or grandparents share a special moment on their wedding day? You can start a tradition by doing the same thing on your wedding day! For Grace & Pete’s wedding, Grace continued a tradition started by her mother at her parent’s wedding. On the day of her parent’s wedding, Grace’s mom gave her mother (Grace’s grandmother) a pair of diamond earrings as a thank you gift. On her wedding day, Grace continued the tradition by surprising her mother with a pair of diamond earrings! Her mom was speechless, and it was one of Grace’s favorite moments from their wedding day!

Borrowed over Bought
Try to borrow items for your wedding instead of buying them new. This applies to everything!! Before buying something new for your wedding, ask around the family to see if someone has something meaningful you can borrow for your wedding. In most cases, family members are more than happy to lend you something for the big day and are touched that they can contribute! Not sure where to start? Here are a few items you can easily use borrowed items for instead of buying new:

-Champagne Glasses
-Cake Cutting Utensils
-Bridal Clutch
-Groom’s Watch
-Groom’s Tie/BowTie
-Faux Fur Shawl (for Fall & Winter Weddings)
-Vase(s) To Display Your Bouquet at Your Table During Reception
-Card Box

Start Your Own Tradition
Your wedding day should be a reflection of you both as a couple; make it your own, and start your tradition!

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  • I love this! I never thought of using a square of my grandmas dress on my dress. I also love the idea of a locket around the bouquet! Both things I’m going to look into!! Thank you for the recommendations!


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