Non Lingerie Items To Wear To a Boudoir Session

When the time comes to select what to wear for your boudoir session, our minds tend to go to classic lingerie, but we have so many more options!! In the weeks leading up to my client’s sessions, I work with them to find their beauty definition and how they want to be seen in their session. When my clients think about their definition of beauty and what they find beautiful about themselves, we quickly realize that ‘classic lingerie’ may not be the best option for them. The most popular items in my curated client closet aren’t lingerie; they’re skirts, blouses, sheer coverups, and other items I wouldn’t find in a store that only offers lingerie.

If you’re struggling to find something to wear to your boudoir session, and know you want to select items outside of the traditional ‘lingerie’ realm, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Start With What You Already Love
We all have pieces of clothing that we love to wear. A button-down blouse that highlights how delicate your neck and collarbone area are, a high-waisted pencil skirt that hugs your curves, or even a cardigan you love to wear down around your shoulders. Whatever this item is for you, start there! You can easily pair a shirt with some cute underwear or a skirt with a bra or bralette to spice it up!

A nice button-down or sheer blouse is one of my favorite articles of clothing to photograph. With button-downs, especially, you can play with how much skin you want to expose. With blouses, you can choose to wear a bra underneath or not! Being able to play around and adjust the level of skin you’re showing can add a fun element to your boudoir session. You’ll also have a variety of photos in different dress and undress areas, which add to the story of your session!

Whether they’re loose-fitting and flowy or tight and hug, your curves skirts are perfect for your boudoir session! I love to pair your favorite skirt with a nice bra or bralette; it gives me some serious Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the CIty vibes. If you love this look but don’t have a skirt to work with, I’ve got a handful of skirts in my curated client closet! Be sure to ask about them when you book your session!

Accessories like jewelry can elevate a look in such a subtle but powerful way. When posing clients, one of the hardest things to pose is the hands! Our hands can go stiff (without us even noticing it!) if we don’t give them something to do. I’ve found it helpful to give a client a long necklace to play with; I’ve even used these tricks on brides wearing long, dangly earrings! Sometimes giving your hands something to do is all it takes to help and relax them.

There is something about the way a blazer is tailored just righ to complement your figure that I love so much! You can pair a blazer with nothing, or you can wear a bra underneath – again, being able to customize the level of nudity is perfect!

Swimsuit Coverups
I love these so much. I have about three in my curate client closet right now! They work by themselves or in addition to an outfit you’ve already decided you want to wear. I love that most coverups are made of sheer material- it’s perfect for a boudoir session!

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