Our Favorite Date Night Ideas Near Rochester, New York

Matt and I both have busy schedules. When I first started photographing weddings, our relationship took a hit. I worked every weekend and squeezed all of my editing in between the hours of 5-9 pm on weekdays. It felt like we weren’t spending any time together. After that first busy Summer, Matt and I realized we needed to be more intentional about our time together and actually schedule date nights on our calendars so that spending time with one another wouldn’t get lost in our busy schedules. Now we look forward to our date nights every week!

Taco Tuesdays
We love tacos, we love margaritas, so it only makes sense that we love Taco Tuesday! Our favorite place to grab margs & tacos is La Casa. We especially love coming to La Casa in the Summer when their outdoor patio is open. I’ve recently been a very big fan of Old Pueblo Grill. Their Colorado Tacos are so delicious!!

Java’s Coffee Dates
Some weekends Matt and I choose to go on an afternoon coffee date instead of a dinner date. Java’s is one of our favorite places to fuel up on caffeine and spend some time chatting. Sometimes we’ll unwind and recap how our weeks went, while others we’ll just sit and people-watch.

Brunch at The Mad Hatter’s
If it happens to be a morning where we’ve both woken up before 9 a.m., we’ll go to The Mad Hatter’s. This is my favorite brunch spot in Downtown Rochester! Their mimosas are made with fresh-squeezed orange juice, and the breakfast burrito they serve is so yummy!! The Mad Hatter’s only downside is that they get packed for breakfast & brunch on the weekends. This is why we only go if we’re up before 9 am, otherwise we’ll get stuck waiting for a table.

The Little Theater
The Little Theater is my favorite theater in all of Rochester!! It has so much personality, and they play films that other theaters don’t. It’s also in walking distance of a ton of other downtown spots if you’re looking to go somewhere before or after.

Abbot’s Custard on The Beach
Living so close to the lake, this is one of our favorite go-to summer dates. We’ll grab some Abbott’s frozen custard at the location near Charlotte, and we’ll walk the pier and the beach together. We especially love to do this on the nights we’ve BBQed dinner.

A Day Hike
It’s not uncommon for Matt and I to spend a weekend afternoon exploring some local hiking trails. I’m always looking for new spots for outdoor portraits, and scoping locations out beforehand is a great excuse to go for a quick hike.

Museum & Coffee Date
Living in Rochester, New York, we are blessed to have so many great museums in the City! When we are looking to shake things up and go for a non-traditional date, we’ll typically grab a coffee and then head to one of the downtown museums. We love the George Eastman Museum and the Memorial Art Gallery.

If you have any fun date night ideas for us to try leave them in the comments below!



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