Posing Advice I Share With All of My Boudoir Clients

Posing nude/semi-nude women is about as intimate as it gets. I know that if I were to strip down naked right now, as I’m typing this blog and someone were to try and take my photo without giving me any direction, the result would be…less than flattering at best, lol.

Side note: did anyone else just visualize that photo of Mindy Kaling as ‘Kelly Kapoor’ in the office posed for Ryan’s ‘Exposure in the Workplace’ photo? Just me? Lol okay 🙂

There are a few things I share will all the women who walk into my studio space. I often share the same advice with my portrait & wedding clients; it is more profound for my boudoir clients since they often have little to no clothing, so posing for boudoir becomes even more important.

Confidence is Key
Confidence is HUGE for a boudoir session. Feeling confident elevates your boudoir photos. The tricky thing about confidence is that I can’t simply ask a client to ‘be confident. Confidence is a feeling that we radiate, you can’t fake that. There are a few things I do before and during a session to help my clients feel confident:

-We all have something in our closet that is our go-to. It makes us feel AMAZING. For me, it’s a LBD. Every time I wear it, someone compliments me, it’s like it was made for me! This is the feeling you want to recreate when you select what you’ll wear to your session. I have guides to help you find something that will flatter your figure. I have a curated client closet full of outfits in every size. Together we will find something for you to wear that will bring out your wow.
-A fun atmosphere is key to you feeling comfortable, which will lead to you feeling confident! We play music in the studio space, make jokes and make sure that you’re having fun the entire time!!
-The proof is in the photo! Once we start shooting, I LOVE to show my clients the back of my camera to see how beautiful they are!! Once I do this, the confidence skyrockets!!

Stand Straight
You look 1000x better when your stand straight. Correct posture is everything when posing for portraits, especially boudoir!!

Shoulders Back
If our shoulders are creeping forward and up, we look uncomfortable and still in photos. So take a deep breath and relax your shoulders; it will make all the difference!!!

Chest Out
I don’t think I have to dive into why this one is so important:)

Have Fun
You’ve invested in a professional to take your photo; trust them to pose you and flatter you! Your only job is to have FUN!!

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