Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Booking

Before booking your wedding photographer, there are a few things you’ll want to have figured out. You should already have an idea of how you want to feel on your wedding day, a loose picture of what you want your day to look like, and a general idea of how you want your photographer to fit into your wedding.

When meeting with photographers and deciding what questions to ask, you should first ask yourself what’s important to you. Does it matter to you if your photographer shoots with Nikon or Canon? Do you care about how many lenses they’ll have with them on your wedding day? Not likely.

When considering your options of photographers, I would recommend starting with the following questions:

Before you sit down to chat with a photographer, you should have a discussion with your partner and anyone else who will be helping you pay for the wedding about your budget. Where does a photographer rank on your list of what matters to you for your wedding? Some couples are fine booking a less expensive photographer who is less experienced if it means they can splurge on another hour or two of open bar. Other couples see the value in booking a seasoned wedding photographer who can deliver imagery that will be shared for generations and make it a priority to book a photographer who fits this description. My advice: if you value photography, find the best photographers that fit in your budget and hire the one that you click with.

My Answer: I am entirely open with my pricing because I am confident in my ability to provide my couples with quality service. I always like to start with a quick video meeting/phone call with clients so that I can make sure I’m the best fit for you! Ready to learn more? Email me at I can get you all set up!

Do They Work With A Second Photographer?
Every wedding photographer you ask will have a different answer to this question. Some photographers exclusively work by themselves, others will give you the option to pay for a second photographer, and some will include a second photographer in every collection they offer. Consider these options and ask yourself if this is something that matters to you.

My Answer: I include a second photographer in every collection I provide, and you can read more about the reason why here.

Style & Approach
Every photographer has their own style. Are you drawn to dark and moody editorial images, or do you love more true-to-life colors with candid photos? Look at different styles to get a sense of what style you’re drawn to and then ask yourself: “Twenty-Five years from now, what do we want to see when we look back at our wedding photos?”. How your photographer approaches photography will vary. Some photographers take a hands-on approach while others are more laid back.

Ask potential photographers to send you a full gallery from a recent wedding to give you a sense of what your gallery could look like.

My Answer: I know the value that comes from carefully building strong relationships. I intentionally craft an atmosphere of friendship from the moment you contact me. Through conversations and coffee dates and asking the right questions, I center myself on what truly matters: your relationship and marriage. At your wedding, I am by your side and your biggest advocate throughout the day. I never want to hear you say, “I blinked, and it was over.”

With me by your side, you will live the most meaningful moments in the present and over and over again in the future. During your day, I’ll ask you to soak in the moment, feel the tulle of your dress, or smell the air after a fresh rain. After your wedding, I deliver your images through a stunning online gallery that allows you to pick your favorites to display in your home, print in your album, and share with family and friends. I make ordering albums, prints, and products a breeze so that you can share and preserve your memories beautifully. You can take a look a full client gallery here.

The Details
Your photographer should be able to answer questions you might have about the details of a wedding. Here are a few types of questions that I’ve received that I think are important to ask:

– What happens if you are sick?
– Do you include an engagement session in your packages?
– How do we receive images, and what is the typical turnaround time?

My Answers:

– What happens if you are sick?
If I am sick on your wedding day or if something happens where I find myself unable to photograph your wedding day, my second photographer would step in as the main photographer. The second photographer will already know all the details of your day, have their equipment ready to shoot a wedding, know the in’s and out’s of your timeline and family formal shot list. This will make it easy for them to step in as the main photographer while I work to secure an additional second for your day.
– Do you include an engagement session in your packages?
Yes!! Complimentary engagement sessions are included with all of my wedding collections! I do this for a few reasons; it’s a great way for you to feel more comfortable with me when you’re in front of the camera; you walk away with some gorgeous photos.

You can read more about why I offer engagement sessions with all of my wedding collections here.
– How do we receive images, and what is the typical turnaround time?
I deliver my couple’s final images in an online gallery where they can easily download, share and print their high-resolution images. I deliver gallery previews within a week of the wedding (in most cases by the next morning!!) and full galleries within six weeks of the wedding. You can take a look at a full gallery here!

Go With Your Gut
You can sit down with a photographer and ask them 50 inclusive questions, and they can give you all the right answers, but if it’s not a good match, you’ll probably feel it in your gut. Ask yourself a few questions:

– How does this person make me feel when I talk with them?
– What do reviews from other past clients say?
– What is communication like with this person? Do they call when they say they will? Are their emails clear?
– Do I want to hang out with this person for a significant amount of time? (You WILL hang out with this person for a large chunk of time on your wedding day!)
– Do they keep their blog and social media updated? Do I like the work they have produced recently? (Websites are lovely, but we get to pick the best of the best for those!)
– Do they seem confident in their ability to create the type of images I’m hoping for?
– Do they value what I value?

When your wedding day has come to an end, you’re left with the memories, your marriage, and your photographs! Make sure you’re truly happy with them!

If you’re ready to work with me, start by sending me a quick message!

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