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That moment the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day is magical. This is true whether the couple chooses to wait until the bride walks down the aisle or decides to do a ‘first look’ before the ceremony. First look—a private moment couples choose to spend together prior to the wedding ceremony—have become more popular over the last few years. About 90% of my couples this year have chosen to do a first look. While I consider myself someone who values tradition, there are a few good reasons to consider a first look:

Avoid Potential Bad Weather and/or Have Time to Freshen Up After Crying
If you’re expecting poor weather on your wedding day, it might be best to plan on a first look because it gives you more options for pictures. If it’s pouring rain after the ceremony, you’ll be thankful you had pictures done in advance. And reason 3b is for all you cryers out there. If you know the tears are going to fly the first time you see your other half the day of your wedding, a first look will give you time to freshen up before the ceremony. First look or not, the first time you see each other on your wedding day will be special.

More Portraits
You’re investing a lot in your wedding photography. With a first look, you’ll receive MORE portraits of the two of you… and those are the images you will decorate your home with! With a first look, you make the most out of this large investment and get the most for your money.

Enjoy the Surprise Without Pressure
When you walk down the aisle to your fiance and you both see each other for the first time, you’ll want to hug and kiss and embrace each other. With a traditional ceremony, you can’t embrace each other or even speak to one another until the end. With a first look, you can react naturally, you’ll be able to go in for that hug and kiss!

Alone Time
With a first look, you can be together and alone on your wedding day. With everything else going on after the ceremony, it can be tricky to sneak in some alone time otherwise.

Get Rid of Those Nerves
I see my couples at their most nervous before they see each other. After this reveal, the nerves start to melt away and you start to relax and enjoy the day. Having a first look can help melt away those nerves earlier on in the day.

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