The 5 Pieces of Tech I Can’t Live Without

It’s almost inevitable that technology is intertwined with our lives. We use it to communicate, we use it at work, in school, for entertainment…it’s everywhere. I even have toys for our cats that are electronic! Here are some of the tech items I can’t live without:

Dyson Air Wrap Blow Dryer
I originally bought this over a year ago from Ulta. I had it for about a week before I returned it. It would turn off on me, and I wouldn’t be able to turn it back on. I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and returned it. About six months later, I splurged and bought it again during a black Friday deal from Dyson. The second time around, I fell in love. Just a bit of background on my hairstyling skills: I have tried for years to blow out my hair, and for years I’ve failed. Until this! This blow dryer is different than anything else, so I watched about a million YouTube videos and had to practice on my hair quite a few times until I could get it just the way I wanted it. But now, after a year, I’m at a point where I can blow my hair out in 35-45 minutes. I know this blow dryer comes with a bit of a high price tag, but I think it’s worth it. My hair is healthier since I switched from my flat/curling iron to this. After I blow out my hair, I can go two nights without washing out my blow out, and it still looks great! A few tips if you’re considering trying this:

To blow out your hair quickly and correctly, your hair has to be about 85% dry when you start. The first time I tried to blow out my hair, it was more like 50% dry, and I was quickly annoyed that it was taking me forever to dry my hair!

-After I’ve gotten my hair down to about 85% dry, I go in and blow out the top of my head! This helps to tame all of the baby hairs I have near the front of my face before I go in and blow out the rest of my head. Brad Mondo does a great job highlighting this technique here. Skip to 5:25 in the video if you don’t care for the intro.

– I found what works best for my hair, which is naturally curly & frizzy, is if once my hair is about 85% dry and I’ve blown out the crown of my head like in the video above I blow out my entire head of hair using the attachment that looks like a paddle brush. Sometimes I’ll stop after this, and sometimes I’ll go in with the air wrap attachments to add some curls

-Practice!!! It took me about three weeks to get into a routine where I could quickly work through my hair with this dryer and still love the results! But now that I know what I’m doing, I hardly ever touch my flat iron or curling iron.

I LOVE my Fitbit watch. I currently own the Charge 4. I love that it is a sleeker and slimmer watch that still has all of the features I want! It tacks my steps, exercise, and sleep; it even has a GPS that tracks the distance of my walks and runs. You can also set it up to get notified of incoming texts/calls. This is the watch I wear every day!

Equa Water Bottle
This might be my favorite thing on this list (well, maybe it’s tied with my Dyson hairdryer)! This is a smart water bottle. I love it for a few reasons….
-It’s a reusable water bottle, which is great for the environment.
-It reminds me to drink water throughout the day, which I definitely need.
-It’s so cute!
-It has an app that lets you see your water intake goals.

Okay, I might have lost you around the term ‘Smart Water Bottle”. This water bottle has a sensor on the bottom of it that keeps track of the amount of water you drink throughout the day. You can set up your water goal in the app based on your lifestyle and activity level. Every time you drink out of your water bottle, it updates in the app. The bottom of the water bottle lights up to remind you to drink throughout the day. You adjust how frequently you receive these notifications in the app as well!

Google Pixel Buds
I love these headphones!! I’m sure they’re pretty similar to other wireless headphones, but these are the ones I own, and I love them! They fit securely in my ears and never fall out. They also have touch controls, which means I can increase/decrease the volume, change the song I’m listening to, or check the time and my notifications without looking at my phone screen.

Moisture Meter
This is only helpful if you own plants, but this has been a lifesaver for me. I killed three fiddle leaf figs before I bought this thing. It’s AMAZING. You put the moisture meter in your plant soil, and based on the type of plant you own; you’ll know if you need to water it or if it can wait, simple!

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