The Biggest Delay To Your Wedding Day And How To Avoid It

After photographing weddings for years, there is one part of the day that almost always tends to delay your wedding. If you’ve ever been part of a wedding party, you might be able to guess what it is. It’s the ‘getting ready’ portion of your day!! Whether it’s hair & makeup that delays your day, steaming bridesmaid dresses, or trying to find a lost phone, delays happen. However, you can do a few things to help plan your wedding day to account for this delay and even prevent it!!

Give Yourself A Buffer
Knowing that the morning of your wedding tends to run behind, you can plan!! First, give yourself a little bit of a buffer in your timeline. For example, if your hair & makeup needs to be done by 10:00 am, tell your hair & makeup artist that you need to be ready by 9:45 am. If your photographer needs your girls in their dresses by 11:00 am for photos, tell your girls to be in their dresses and ready by 10:30 am. You’re starting to get the idea. The morning of your wedding is not a time to feel rushed or overwhelmed; giving yourself a buffer will give you the time & space to enjoy your day!!

Communicate The Timeline to Your Ladies
Timelines work only when they’re followed. Communicate the timeline with your ladies!! Better yet, print out an individual timeline card for every single person in your wedding party. When your girls know the plan & timeline, they’re less likely to run behind and less likely to ask you questions about the timeline 😉

Invest In A Wedding Planner/Coordinator (Or Designate)
A wedding planner is an investment in your day!! They will help bring your vision to life, keep things organized, and take control of your wedding day so that you don’t have to deal with any unnecessary stress!! Your wedding planner becomes the designated person in charge of handling any wedding-related decisions while you can enjoy your morning 🙂

Full Hair & Makeup Team
Doing hair & makeup for a group of 5+ women can be a bit of a production. You may need more than one hair and one makeup artist for your group of girls. Talk with your HMA team, and make sure that you will be properly staffed for your wedding.

The Getting Ready Space
When choosing a space to get ready, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:
-Choose a space with well enough space for all your girls, HMA’s, Photographers, and Other Family Members. I always recommend a spacious Air BNB over a hotel room.
-Find a well-lit space with white walls. This has nothing to do with delaying your wedding day; it just makes your photos look BEAUTIFUL!!

Dress Rehearsal
Try your wedding dress on the week before your wedding. This way, if you need to take care of any last-minute fixes, you can!! But, of course, you won’t want to deal with this on the morning of your wedding!!

Get Your S*** Together, Carol!!

If my couples plan to take photos during the morning of their wedding (which 90% of my couples do), I always tell them to have all of their detail items together, preferably in a bag/box ready for me when I arrive. This way, after I show up, I can jump right into taking photos, and I don’t have to waste any of my time trying to find a pair of shoes or a garter lol. A few of the items you may want to get together for your wedding photographer would be:

For the Ladies:
-All Jewelry You’ll Be Wearing
-Invitation Suite (Two Copies)
-Ring Box
-Your Something Old, New Borrowed, and Blue
-Bouquet Charms
-Anything Else Sentimental!

For the Gents:
-Pocket Square
-Tie/Bow Tie
-Cuff Links
-Tie Clip

I also love to style your details with heirlooms or anything significant to you! For Cari’s detail photos, she included her grandmother’s playing cards (on the left). For Anne’s detail photographs, she included her grandmother’s heirloom mirror (on the right).

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