Wedding Traditions You Can Skip (Your Guests Won’t Mind Either!)

It’s 2021, and one thing I love about modern-day weddings is that couples are SO in control of their wedding days. They have more say in their wedding day than couples have ever had before. There is no ‘typical wedding’, now couples can do whatever they want. This also means they can skip out on the wedding traditions they don’t like, which I’m here for!! Here are a few wedding traditions you can skip, your guest won’t mind either 😉

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Wedding Cake
While cake is considered the ‘traditional’ dessert for a wedding, the majority of my couples opt to have a small cutting cake for themselves and then offer a dessert spread for the guests. I’ve seen cupcakes, Italian cookies, cannolis, macaroons, donuts, even cookies. An added bonus of handheld desserts; you don’t have to pay an additional cake-cutting fee per slice of cake!!

Bouquet/Garter Toss
This tradition can be fun if you have A LOT of single friends. However, nothing is worse than having to force people to participate in the bouquet/garter toss. Consider your guest list, will this be something you and your friends/family will have fun with during your reception? If not you can totally skip it!

Greeting Each Table During the Reception
While you want to see all of your guests and spend time with them all, making your way through tables during your reception can take up a HUGE chunk of your time if you have more than 50 guests. If you have 200 guests, 6 guests, to a table, and you spend 5 minutes at each table that is about 170 minutes, almost 3 HOURS of your reception time!!! If you want to have face time with all your guests, you can have a receiving line at the end of your ceremony. Another option is to opt for a first look (not sure what this is? You can read all about it here!) which will allow you to spend time with your guests during the cocktail hour.

Wedding Favors
Wedding favors can be great!! If they are something your guests actually want, will use, and fits in with your overall wedding aesthetic. However, if you plan on choosing something cheap that has a short shelf life for your favors, you’re better off spending that portion of your budget elsewhere. I’ve also seen couples making a donation to their favorite charity in lieu of favors.

Waiting to See Each Other
You don’t have to wait to see each other until the ceremony anymore!! You can read all about first looks and why I LOVE them here.

Anniversary Dance
This tradition can be cute, but don’t feel like you absolutely need to do it. Your reception is only so many hours long and if you don’t want to stop the party for this tradition don’t feel like you need to.

If your Maid of Honor/Best Man aren’t the most articulate public speakers, don’t feel like they have to give a toast.

Having a ‘Traditional’ Wedding Party
I’ve seen large wedding parties, small wedding parties, and no wedding parties. Don’t feel like you have to have a ‘traditional’ wedding party if it isn’t a good fit for you. You don’t need to have a MOH/Best Man, ring bearer, or flower girls if you don’t want to.

At the end of the day, this is your wedding, and you can include/exclude any traditions you want 🙂 If you want more wedding advice like this, you can follow along with all of my wedding advice posts by filling out the form below!!



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