What Is The Curated Client Closet?

Shopping for lingerie can be daunting & intimidating. It’s hard to figure out what will and won’t look good on you, finding something in a style you like can be hard, and figuring out what will fit you isn’t easy when different stores size their clothes differently.

I get it; that is why I offer the Curated Client Closet as part of my boudoir experience. The curated client closet, or ‘CCC,’ is a collection of lingerie and accessories curated by me for my boudoir clients. There is something in the CCC to flatter every figure! I have items ranging in size from XXS-XXL and am expanding it every day!

I get that lingerie is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of deal. That’s why, shortly after booking your boudoir session, I send out a quick questionnaire to ask a few things about yourself. I ask what features of your body do you love & want to show off, what size(s) you are, and a few other questions to help me get an idea of which lingerie pieces would suit you best. If I don’t already have something in the CCC that I think will flatter your figure and that you will love, then I go shopping to make sure we have something for you 🙂

What’s Included In The Closet
The CCC has an array of high-quality and luxury items. I have pieces from Kat The Lable, Victoria’s Secret, Free People, Anthropologie, and Bluebella, to name a few. I try to invest in quality items that I know will fit, flatter and feel comfortable. You can find the following in the CCC;

  • Matching Sets ( Bra & Undies)
  • Lingerie Body Suits
  • Robes/Cover Ups
  • Button Up Dress Shirts
  • Fishnet Stockings
  • Maxi Skirts
  • Silky Cocktail Dresses

What’s Not Included In The CCC
What I’ve chosen to exclude from the CCC is just as important as what I’ve chosen to include. You’ll never find items from ‘fast-fashion’ shops like SHEIN or bulk retailers like Amazon in the CCC. In my experience, the quality is poor from stores like these, and the sizing/fit is weird. There are also a few types of lingerie that I don’t carry in the CCC because I feel like they don’t flatter figures. You won’t find these items in the CCC:

  • Teddies
  • Chemises
  • Rompers
  • Babydolls

The styles above only work to flatter a specific body type and can draw attention to & make your midsection appear larger, which is why I don’t have them in the CCC.

The Bridal CCC

Want to add a bridal touch to your boudoir session? I offer a Bridal Boudoir upgrade to my clients for an additional charge that grants them access to my Bridal CCC along with other perks! The Bridal CCC includes so many cute bridal accessories!! You can find all the following in the bridal CCC:

  • Veils
  • Garters
  • Bridal Hair Pieces
  • Bridal Belts
  • Bridal Lingerie


Do I Need To Wear Something From The CCC?
Nope! I encourage my clients to bring 2-3 outfits they LOVE to their session. In the first 10-15 minutes of arriving at my studio space, we’ll sit down and take a look at the outfits you’ve brought and the outfits I’ve pulled from the CCC for you. Then, we’ll choose the 2-3 outfits you’ll wear during your session from our options. Often my clients find they love the items from the CCC more than the items they’ve brought themselves!

Can I See Which Items Are In The CCC?
If you take a look through the different boudoir sessions on the LP Boudoir Journal, I walk through the different items the clients wear including the items they wore from the CCC. If you ever see a photo with an outfit and you want to know if it’s in the CCC just ask!

Are There Any Regulations For Wearing Items From The CCC?
Yep! You’ll need to wear a seamless black or nude thong under all garments for sanitary purposes, or we can use a hygienic liner. While I advise against spray tans & self-tanner for boudoir sessions, if you choose to use self-tanner or get a spray tan prior to your session – you will only be able to choose from black items & outfits from the CCC to avoid staining of items.



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