Why You Should Have an Engagement Session

The wedding collections I offer my couples are full service. I’m there before the wedding day, helping my couples navigate wedding planning. I’m with them on their wedding day, making sure things run smoothly. After their wedding, I’m there for them, helping them design their heirloom-quality album and order keepsakes and prints to take home.

Part of this is full-service experience is the engagement portrait session. I offer complimentary engagement sessions with all of my wedding collections. There are a few reasons I do this and encourage all newlyweds to have an engagement session.

An Engagement Session is An Opportunity To Warm Up to Being Photographed
Odds are, you and your partner haven’t been in front of a professional photographer with a camera very often. Your engagement session is a great way to get in front of the camera before your wedding day. Your photographer will be with you for every special moment of your wedding day. Having been through the experience of having engagement portraits taken, you will feel less awkward with a camera nearby; you’ll feel freer to enjoy the day without getting camera shy!

An Engagement Session Is a Chance for You To Work With Your Photographer Before Your Wedding
Every wedding photographer has a different style and process when it comes to capturing portraits. Your engagement session is a great way to work with your photographer before the wedding to see what their approach is. This way, come the wedding day, you will feel more comfortable with them, and they will be able to capture those candid moments when you let your guard down!

It Gives Your Photographer Insight
Everyone responds differently to being photographed. I hate having my photo taken. If I try to smile for too long, my face will start to twitch (true story! Matt teases me about this anytime we have our photo taken together), so the best chance of taking a good photograph of me is if you get me to laugh genuinely. Different techniques and approaches work for different people. Some couples are comfortable with PTA or getting silly in front of the camera, while others are not as comfortable. Figuring out what works for you before your wedding makes all the difference.

Take a look at the photos below. The one on the left was taken at Grace & Pete’s engagement sessions, the one on the right was taken at their wedding. I simply asked Pete to stand a few steps behind Grace in these photos, sneak up behind her and surprise her with a big hug. I knew this set-up created some of Grace’s and Pete’s favorite photographs from their engagement session, so I decided to do the same setup on their wedding day. At their wedding, I had my second photographer with me and was able to tell her to stand to my right (Pete’s Left). I asked her to do this because I knew that when we had taken these photos during their engagement session, Pete came around to Grace’s left side and kissed her cheek. I wanted to capture them from the front and have my second photographer capture that smaller intimate moment from the side, and it worked!!

Limited Time On Your Wedding Day
Depending on your wedding timeline, you may only have 20-30 minutes set aside for couple portraits (photos of just you & your partner). Having been through the process before with your engagement session, you will be a pro come your wedding day, and you will get the most out of those 20-30 minutes!

Tell Your Story with Photographs
You can use the photographs from your engagement session to help tell your story leading up to your wedding day. You can use these photos for your guest book, your save-the-dates, your wedding website, displays during your reception; the possibilities are endless!

If you’re ready to plan your wedding, you can fill out the form here, and I’ll be in touch soon!

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