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My Thoughts | Cleaning Up The Lakes

With the busy season of weddings (and golf for Matt) upon us, we’ve been trying to make it to the lake at least once a week to squeeze as much fun out of summer as we can. This Sunday, the water was calm as Matt, and I set up our chairs in the sand. The […]


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My Thoughts | My Favorite Summer Reads For 2023

I love to read. I always have. I used to sneak out of bed late at night, crawl into the hallway, and turn on the light to read books without waking up my sister, who I shared a room with.  Now, I spend about 20 minutes reading every morning, and I’ll read again right before […]


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LaFountain Photography | Frequently Asked Questions

DO YOU WORK WITH A SECOND SHOOTER? Yes! I have a talented team I work with for wedding days. Together, we’ll work to capture dynamic perspectives and angles of moments as they take place.  Working with a second photographer is an essential part of my process of capturing candid, genuine portraits for my couples. Depending […]



Celebratory Bliss: A Spirited Spring Wedding at the Country Club of Rochester

Inspired by the soft beauty of Spring, Lindsay and Brackett’s Country Club of Rochester Wedding channeled the couple’s desire to invite family & friends to enjoy a celebratory weekend with them.  Lindsay and Brackett left a personal touch on every aspect of their wedding day. From choosing the Country Club of Rochester as their wedding […]


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Five Ways Our Home Has Gotten SMARTER

Over the past few years, we’ve been updating our home, room by room, to make every space feel more like ‘us.’  As we’ve been renovating and remodeling, one of my favorite things to update is the ‘tech’ of our home. Replacing broken, outdated fixtures with new, tech-savvy options with cool features has been so fun.  […]



Planning Your Sailboat Photos

There’s something truly enchanting about capturing photos on a sailboat. Photographs that exude a carefree, joy-filled attitude that accompanies a day spent on the water. For portraits taken on a sailboat, or any boat for that matter, you’ll want to keep some things in mind… Shoes  As the waves gently rock the boat, it can […]


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Giving Back | How To Help Animals In Your Community

Did you know that there’s a ‘Kitten Season’? Yep! Every spring, animal shelters, and rescues see an influx of kittens needing homes. Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions, the organization we foster through, receives multiple requests daily to take in litters of kittens. It’s heartbreaking to witness helpless kittens being turned away because shelters and rescues can […]



The Boudoir Referral Program

Women Uplifting Women There’s something so positive about women encouraging other women. I love when clients encourage their friends to take the plunge and schedule their boudoir sessions. The positive energy of a boudoir session is contagious; once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll want everyone to know about it.  I love when clients refer […]



Five Things To Consider When Creating Your Wedding Timeline

Your wedding timeline will set the foundation for your wedding celebration. In order to enjoy your weekend freely and savor the moments as they unfold, it’s important to create a timeline that works for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you create your wedding timeline:  The Sunset Time When planning […]



East Coast Wedding | Bridal Portraits At A Private East Coast Estate

This east coast wedding editorial at The Estate at River Run in Virginia is elegant, romantic, and timeless, with stunning vintage details that will transport you to another era. The Estate’s grand property, with its ornate gold details and sparkling chandeliers, served as the perfect backdrop for this luxurious shoot. This well-styled editorial shoot is […]




At home near the Lake. Ever-focused on the beauty of life's simple moments. 

I’ve spent years refining an approach that allows me to sincerely honor the moment — knowing when to step in and adjust a subject or environment, and sensing when to stand back and allow a moment to just be.

With me, your photographs will be an intentional representation of this time of your life — imagery that will make you feel like it was just yesterday, and yet, feel forever untouched by time.



5 Tips for your  wedding timeline

More time on the dance floor, less time worrying- that's my philosophy. Grab my guide to make sure you have the space to move & groove on your day. 

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