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Five Ways Our Home Has Gotten SMARTER

May 5, 2023


Over the past few years, we’ve been updating our home, room by room, to make every space feel more like ‘us.’ 

As we’ve been renovating and remodeling, one of my favorite things to update is the ‘tech’ of our home. Replacing broken, outdated fixtures with new, tech-savvy options with cool features has been so fun. 

Here’s a round-up of my favorite Smart fixtures that have replaced the outdated ones in our home…


A few months ago, our very outdated thermostat finally kicked the bucket. When it came to choosing a replacement, I was immediately drawn to the Google Nest Thermostat. It has a sleek, minimalist design and a variety of smart functions. 

It took us 5 minutes to install our new thermostat, and it’s super easy to use. You can change the temperature from your phone, Alexa, or Google Nest hubs and set routines and schedules. 

We have the base model of the Google Nest Thermostat, but you can upgrade to this version if you want, which allows you to control the temperatures in specific rooms in your house with compatible sensors. 

Both options come in a selection of colors and finishes and smart features that help reduce the energy you use heating & cooling your home. 


We swapped out our old doorbell that stopped working for this sleek, smart one from Google. 

Google offers a wireless and wired option for this doorbell. We have the wireless doorbell, which was easier to install since it didn’t require connecting wires; we could just pop it in. The only thing worth noting with the wireless option is that you’ll have to charge your doorbell every few months. 

These doorbells function just like a Ring doorbell, but I love that they look sleeker and more modern than the Ring doorbells, and they come in a variety of colors, so you can pick the option that best fits your style. 


When the bulb in the light fixture above our front door died, I wasn’t looking to replace it with a ‘Smart’ option, but when I saw the Cync Smart Light Bulb, I was sold. 

The main feature I love about this bulb is that you can set it to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. Which for our front step is the perfect feature! I love that instead of setting a routine, like the light turning on at 5:00 pm and turning off at 6:00 am, it syncs with the sunrise/sunset time. 

The bulbs can connect & work with your Alexa and Google Home devices. Super handy!


With three cats, we (okay, mostly Matt) used to scoop our litter boxes every single day. Well, in November, I finally splurged on the Whiskers Litter Robot, and it has single-handedly been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. 

I don’t scoop litter anymore because the robot does it for me! It took a couple of weeks for our youngest cat to get used to it, but now they all use it without any issues! It saves us so much time, and our home NEVER smells like litter! 


I’m also obsessed with our Roombas. So obsessed that we have one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. We run them daily to help vacuum up dirt, pet hair, and dust. It’s on sale now for $200 off on Amazon! You can buy it here. 

I love that my entire house can be vacuumed in the morning, all while I answer my emails over my morning iced coffee. GAME CHANGER. 

I think it’s worth noting that we have the J7 series Roomba, which avoids pet messes, and maps out your home allowing you to control where your robot vacuums which is so handy!



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