Carefree Sunrise Sailboat East Coast Elopement

April 17, 2023


The morning was crisp and clear for Sarah Beth and Teddy’s elegant and carefree east coast sailboat elopement. The waves gently rocked the sailboat as we departed from the Charleston Harbour. 

Their elopement was joy-filled and elegant. With every detail carefully chosen, Sarah Beth and Teddy’s elopement was a true reflection of their relaxed and refined energy.

Sarah Beth and Teddy exchanged their vows on the sailboat, with the gentle breeze and the sound of the waves as their backdrop. 

As they exchanged private vows, the sun began to rise over the horizon, casting a warm glow over the water. The sailboat sailed along the harbor, with dolphins jumping in the distance and seagulls soaring overhead. It was a serene and peaceful moment. 

After their vow exchange, the couple celebrated by popping a bottle of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut champagne, their favorite.  

As we sailed back to shore, Sarah Beth and Teddy held hands and smiled, cherishing the memory of their sailboat elopement in Charleston, a perfect start to their future filled with love and adventure.

Altogether, Sarah Beth and Teddy’s sailboat elopement was a beautiful reflection of their love and style.

The Details | East Coast Sailboat Elopement

To set the tone for her sailboat elopement in Charleston, SC, Sarah Beth saw the bridal details as an opportunity to express her personal style and add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the intimate celebration.

In addition, Sarah Beth carried a simple cork clutch, the perfect compliment to her nautical nuptials.

She also wore a vintage watch from her grandmother, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the elopement. This heirloom has been passed down through generations and serves as a symbol of the love and tradition that runs deep within her family.

Together, these bridal details perfectly capture the essence of this intimate sailboat elopement, reflecting the bride’s love for the sea and her commitment to a future filled with adventure and love.

The Bridal Look

Sarah Beth wore a flowing white dress accented with pastel florals, a nod to the city’s picturesque streets that fluttered in the breeze. 

Her bridal look was effortlessly beautiful, with a simple low bun and natural makeup that perfectly complemented her elegant style and the relaxed setting of elopement.

For her hair, stylist Cali Stott created a tousled chignon for a romantic and carefree look. 

For her makeup, Cali created a natural and radiant look for Sarah that highlighted her features without overpowering them. 

Overall,her understated and timeless bridal look allowed her natural beauty to shine through.

The Location | East Coast Sailboat Elopement

When it comes to romantic destinations, Charleston, South Carolina, has long been a favorite of mine. From its historic charm to its stunning waterfront views, this city has all the ingredients for a perfect elopement. 

With its stunning scenery and old-world charm,  Charleston was the perfect backdrop for Sarah Beth and Teddy’s East Coast Sailboat Elopement.

Lastly, this stunning east coast sailboat elopement wouldn’t be possible without these talented vendors:


Photographer: Casey LaFountain, LaFountain Photography

Hair & Makeup: Cali Stott Artistry

Florals: Flora

Planning & Design: Lauren Berry & Megan Travis e.g.

Dress: Clair De Lune 

Suit: OMJ Clothing

Videography: Ashley Loyer Films e.g.

Sailboat: Blue Life Charters



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