A Lake House Canandaigua Wedding | Escape To The Finger Lakes

September 21, 2023


When it comes to wedding venues, few can rival the charm of a lakeside celebration. Calm waters, a gentle breeze, and the warmth of the summer sun casting a golden glow over your day. That’s the magic guests experienced at Jessie & Zach’s recent Lake House Canandaigua wedding.

Growing up in the Finger Lakes I would spend my summers with family swimming on Canandaigua Lake. It it makes it that much more special when I see my couples enjoying the same lake with their friends & family on their wedding day.

Nestled on the serene shores of Canandaigua Lake, The Lake House offered the perfect backdrop for a relaxed and joyous summer wedding. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, the atmosphere was nothing short of enchanting.

Relaxed Elegance

One of the standout features of this wedding was its effortless elegance. The layers of Jessie’s gown flowed effortlessly, perfectly complementing the natural beauty of the setting. Zach looked dashing in a crisp navy suit, mirroring the deep hues of the lake behind them.

Candid Moments of Joy

As a photographer, nothing makes me happier than when I get to capture genuine moments of happiness. This wedding was no exception. The candid shots were brimming with laughter, heartfelt embraces, and spontaneous dances. It was a day where everyone felt completely at ease, and it showed in every image.

Being a pet-friendly resort, Jessie’s parents were able to bring along her family dog. He was able to stop over for some adorable pet portraits before the ceremony.

A Local Welcome | Canandaigua Lake Charm

As we were wrapping up wedding party portraits, a boat of locals drove by cheering for Jessie & Zach. They through a beer over to Zach, we he promptly drank as the wedding party cheered. This moment perfectly summed up the charm of Canandaigua Lake.

Nature’s Canvas | A Lake House Canandaigua Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place on the lush green lawn overlooking the sparkling lake. As the gentle waves lapped at the shore, the couple exchanged vows under a natural Chuppah adorned with wildflowers, evoking a sense of rustic elegance.

One highlight from the evening was when the couple, surrounded by their joyful friends and family, partook in the traditional Hora dance. It was a moment of pure exhilaration, as they were lifted high above the dance floor on chairs, encircled by the exuberant cheers and claps of their loved ones.

A Golden Hour Surprise

As the day transitioned into evening, the golden hour cast its enchanting spell. The couple’s portraits by the lakeside were bathed in the soft, warm light of the setting sun, creating truly magical moments frozen in time.

As we were capturing their sunset portraits, a group of Zach’s family came out to the dock, tequila shots and limes in hand. It was a tradition in their family to toast the newlyweds with tequila shots, and that is exactly what they did. 

A Lake House Canandaigua Wedding

A Lake House Canandaigua wedding is a testament to the beauty of nature and the joy of love. It’s a day where the stresses of life melt away, and you’re left with pure, unadulterated happiness. As a photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque setting to capture this couple’s love story.

Vendors | Lake House Canandaigua Wedding

Venue: The Lake House Canandaigua
Photographer: LaFountain Photographer
Planning & Design: Simply Beautiful Events
Florals: Beck and Forth Co.
Rentals: Hank Parker and Petunia Rose China
DJ: DJ Naps
Hair & Makeup: Rock Paper Scissors
Video: Jacquline Daley



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