Look For These 3 Things When Choosing Your Wedding Getting Ready Location

February 7, 2023


The morning of your wedding will be spent with loved ones as you get ready together. Whether you choose to get ready in a hotel room, bridal suite, your childhood home, or other location, you’ll want to consider the following to ensure not only that your portraits are stunning but that you’re comfortable the morning of your wedding.

Spacious Location
Choose a location that is open and spacious. You will need enough space for your wedding party and your other vendors (photographers, videographers, makeup & hair artists). I recommend choosing a location with enough space to accommodate a separate area for you to get dressed in. This area can be kept clean and separate from all the clutter of the rest of the location.

Sarah chose to get ready at her childhood home with her friends and family on the morning of her wedding. Everyone hung out downstairs that morning until it was time for Sarah to get dressed. At that point, she and her mother went upstairs to her childhood bedroom to get her in her dress.

Ample Natural Light
Choose a location with ample natural light. This means you’ll want plenty of large windows so that your space is full of natural light. Natural light is essential to beautiful wedding portraits. If I have a couple getting ready in a location that has very little natural light and looks dark, I will take them outside for their portraits.

BONUS: To maximize the natural light in your space, look for neutral/white paint colors. This helps bounce the existing natural light of space.

Complementary Decor

Choose a location that matches the style of your wedding. This way, when you look back on your wedding album, your getting-ready images will flow with the rest of the images from your day. If you’re struggling to find a space that complements your wedding style, choose a location that is clean, classic, and neutral. Your other wedding day elements (dress, florals, etc.) will help bring your vision into your space.

BONUS: A perk of choosing your family home as your getting-ready location is that you can include your family pets in your portraits!

Getting Ready Location: Private Estate
Bridal Boutique: Lovely Bride
Bridal Gown Designer: Jenny Yoo
Florals: Foote Floral Designs
Makeup Artist: Angelina Palermo

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