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December 5, 2022


Zorie and Kevin met me in Rochester, NY, for their outdoor winter engagement session. Depending on the weather, winter engagement sessions in Rochester, NY, or anywhere in Upstate New York can be very hit or miss. You can end up with muddy, rainy weather, over a foot of snow, or 65° with a light breeze like it was this year on my birthday in December. 

For Kevin & Zorie’s session, we had the perfect amount of snow and even a little bit of sunshine. They were such good sports bundling up for this session, and I am so glad because their portraits came out beautifully!!

Length Of Dating: Four Years
Length Of Engagement: About Eight Months

The Proposal Story

Zorie shared the proposal story with me, “The proposal was a dream. I never wanted to specify or add to the pressure, but I think Kevin knows me well enough to know I would have preferred getting proposed to alone with just us or with my immediate family over friends. It was Mother’s Day, May 9th, 2021. We had plans to go to his parent’s house for lunch and my mom’s house for coffee in the morning, where my grandpa and aunt would be, having coffee together like any other day (they’re all neighbors). So we went to my mom’s to have coffee, we walked in, and my aunt was there; we sat down and chatted. I asked where mom and grandpa were, and she said mom was helping grandpa with his tv again (extremely common), and that they’d be right back (my grandpa lives next door).”

“My mom called me and asked if we could come to help her move something heavy for my grandpa real quick (also extremely common, they’re thrilled to have a man with muscles around). So we were walking over next door, and my mom and grandpa popped out with WILL YOU MARRY ME signs… I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it and turned to Kevin, expecting him to be standing next to me like what ?! And he was behind me on one knee. It was a magical day”

This session turned out to be everything I could have hoped for in a Rochester, NY, Winter engagement session! The sun, the snow, the adorable couple, it was magical.

The Ring

“The ring is a funny story. I’ll do anything to get someone’s honest opinion…. even trick them. Because I just want to know their true organic thoughts !! So we’d talk about marriage here and there, and eventually, the ring comes into play. And when he asked what I liked, I, of course, answered with a question well, what do you like? He knows I’m very sentimental, and I told him I wanted to see him in the ring, not just myself. And he said ok, well I would choose yellow gold (which is what we both prefer in general, I think because I had always bought him yellow gold over the years, a chain, a couple of watches, etc., and I myself was always wearing my family’s yellow gold jewelry every day). So that was a nice start!”

“And then he said, I think something simple like one diamond instead of all the extras. And I was floored. Like why did he think that ?! Because that was the image living in my head. I bugged him about it later like why why why, and he was like idk it’s a diamond, not just a ring, it’s a symbol. Which I couldn’t agree with more. And I left the shape up to him !! My favorites at the time were emerald and oval. And obviously, you can’t go wrong with classic round or traditional marquise so I just let him decide what he liked best!”

What Are You Most Looking Forward To About The Wedding?

Zorie: “Seeing him for the first time in a whole day! I already miss him thinking of not waking up next to him. And of course, being with my family in the morning warms my heart.”
Kevin: “Getting to marry my best friend”

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