The Curated Client Closet Explained | LaFountain Photography Boudoir

December 5, 2022


A Client Closet is a collection of wardrobe items for clients to wear during their sessions. A Client Closet can give clients peace of mind when it comes to preparing for a session and deciding what they will wear.

I lovingly call our Boudoir Client Closet the Curated Client Closet since every item in the closet has been carefully selected. I choose only the most flattering, quality items for our Curated Client Closet.

I’d love to demystify the Curated Client Closet and answer all the questions you might have…

Are The Items In The Closet Clean?
Of course! Clients wear sanitary liners (provided by the studio) in any outfit they wear from the Curated Client Closet. After your session, any items you’ve worn are sent to the dry cleaners to be professionally sanitized & cleaned.

Do I Get To Keep The Items I Wear From The Closet?
The items in the Curated Client Closet are for all clients to use during their sessions. After you wear the items during your session, you’ll return them to me.

Do I Need To Wear Something From The Closet?
Wearing something from the Curated Client Closet is optional. About 95% of my clients wear at least something from the Curated Client Closet.

What Kind of Items Are In The Closet?
The Curated Client Closet is full of so many items that are perfect for styling you for your session. These are a few of the items currently available in our Curated Client Closet:
-Lingerie Matching Sets
-Silk Cami Tops
-White Cotton Button-down Shirts
-Lingerie Bodysuits
-High Heels
-Champagne Coupes
-Lace Robes

Where Do You Shop For The Items In The Curated Client Closet?
Shopping and styling the Curated Client Closet is one of my favorite things to do. A few of my favorite stores to shop at are:
-Free People
-Kat The Label
-Only Hearts

What Sizes Do Your Carry In The Closet

How Do I Know The Items In Your Closet Will Fit?
Leading up to your session, we’ll have conversations about your sizing preferences, as well as fit preferences. Based on your preferences, I’ll pull items from the Curated Client Closet for you to choose from at your session.

I hope this blog helped answer any of the questions you might have had about the Curated Client Closet. If you have any other questions, you can leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you with an answer.

If you’re interested in setting up your own boudoir session, you can inquire here.



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